About Us

Who is it that we see each day.

Walking proudly down Broadway?

Who? Why that’s Susie Stephens.

Who is it that looks so sweet

Every single time we meet?

Who? Say, that’s Susie Stephens Now let me introduce you to the sweetest of all,

For everyone who meets her,

Oh my! How they fall!

Say! Who is it makes such a hit? Everywhere she does she’s it!
Oh who?

Why that’s Susie Stephens.

Mary Alice Essick, ‘29.

Where did the name Susie come from?

An excerpt from a 1952 News Boreau article from Stephens College states
“Susie Stephens is a name - - a name representative of all students at Stephens College in Missouri - - a name adopted by the fashion design students for their own original designs. Susie Stephens is more than a name - - it is a symbol of an American way of life - the college way of life - the learning about life by doing, the doing which gives life meaning and purpose, the accomplishments which are milestones toward the future.”
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